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RU 58841

RU 58841 is an anti androgen that binds to the hormonal receptor sites on the follicles, and prevents the binding of Dehydro-Testosterone. Its "affinity" to the receptor sites is much stronger than that of the hormones, making it very effective. This is why RU 58841 holds a great deal of promise as a hair loss treatment. Lack of financial potential is probably the reason for the limited extent of research done on it so far. As long as there is no considerable research conducted, it is unlikely it will become widespread and accessible hair loss treatment. Getting a hold of it at this time is very difficult, and those who succeed pay a great deal of money for it. In the Research and studies section there is reference to research that tested the effectiveness of RU 58841 in macaque Androgenetic Alopecia, and the pictures in it practically speak for themselves.

Faith-Eagle (www.faitheaglepharm.com) is a Chinese lab that produces RU 58841 by order.