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Nizoral Shampoo

Male Pattern Baldness if often accompanied by an annoying itching feeling of the scalp. This itch is caused by an above normal amount of inflammatory cells. Inflammatory cells are an integral part of the body's immune system, but in this case they are present in a significantly higher quantity. At this point is it not clear whether they are a by-product of the Male Pattern Baldness process, or originate from another process and contribute to Male Pattern Baldness.

Nizoral Shampoo is an anti-inflammatory shampoo that contains Ketoconazole, a substance highly effective against dandruff and other kinds of fungus. Using Nizoral Shampoo regularly helps to get rid of the itch. A few studies even suggest that the Ketoconazole is a mild anti androgen, that can help a little in lowering scalp DHT levels, but not in a way that would be effective against Male Pattern Baldness on its own.

There are two versions of Nizoral shampoo on the market consisting of 1% and 2% of Ketoconazle. In the U.S the 1% version is an OTC that can be purchased freely in any drugstore, while the 2% requires a doctor's prescription. In other places such as Canada and the UK the 2% is an OTC as well.

The studies suggesting Ketoconazole has anti androgen characteristics were done on the 2% version. In the Propecia double blinded study trial groups, patients were instructed not to use Nizoral. This precaution was taken as it was feared that good results could not be attributed to Propecia alone.

Instructions for proper use: it is only necessary to use Nizoral Shampoo twice to three times a week. On the rest of the days any regular shampoo will do. Prior to using Nizoral Shampoo it is advised to use a regular shampoo. Once Nizoral is applied, gently rub it into the scalp, wait for five to ten minutes and then wash it off.

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