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Minoxidil | Rogaine

Manufacturer: Pfizer.

Active Ingredient: Minoxidil.

Rogaine is a drug based on the active ingredient Minoxidil. In 2001 Pfizer's patent on Minoxidil expired and cheaper generic versions are sold since.

Minoxidil Based drugs come mainly in two versions: 2% (regular) and 5% (extra strength). Recently a 15% version has become available. They come in the form of lotions designed for topical application on the scalp twice a day. The 5% version has a success rate of over 50%. Minoxidil stimulates the hair follicles and makes them work more efficiently in spite of Dehydro-Testosterone presence. Since it does not lower Dehydro-Testosterone levels it may prove to be insufficient in preventing hair loss. It is considered to be more effective in the crown and mid scalp areas than in the frontal hairline and temples. Pfizer warns that at the beginning of Rogaine use hair loss may intensify, but shortly after thicker hair will grow. This claim is supported by many Minoxidil based products users, so in case you've been using it for a short while and losing more hair, there's no need to panic.

There are different Minoxodil based products versions available for both men and women.

According to Pfizer the only side effect associated with Rogaine, is an irritation of the scalp experienced by 6% of its users.

A little background on Minoxidil: originally it was developed as a treatment for high blood pressure. Patients using it reported a side effect of hair growth, and that's how it found its way to become a treatment for hair loss. An interesting point is that nobody really knows how it works. There are a few theories about it, but all can be dismissed as similar drugs do not have the same effect. For example, since Minoxidil is a cardio vascular drug, that reduces blood pressure by broadening blood vessels, it was suggested the improved blood flow to the scalp is the cause for the hair follicles improved functionality. However, other cardio vascular drugs do not manage to achieve the same effect.

Some people favour the use of Minoxidil as it is applied topically and apparently has no internal effects. There truth is that once topical drugs are absorbed into the skin, they enter the blood stream. This way they too are spread inside the body and can influence internal organs, although to lesser effect than systematic drugs.

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