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Male Pattern Baldness

As explained it the previous section, Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) is caused by the Dehydro-Testosterone hormone. It usually progresses in the following pattern: at first, the hair in the temples and in the crown area(the area around the point out of which the hair grows in a swirl-like manner) starts thinning. The frontal hair line then begins to recede, the temples grow bigger and the crown areas noticeably balds. Later on the two bald areas at the front and back meet at the center of the scalp, and eventually there is only a horseshoe shaped piece of hair that surrounds the head. The Norwood-Hamilton Scale illustrates the different stages that characterize the Male Pattern Baldness process:

Hair loss: The Norwood-Hamilton Male Pattern Baldness Scale
The Norwood-Hamilton Male Pattern Baldness Scale

The Fact that the areas on the sides of the head and on its back do not bald, is because the hair follicles there are not sensitive to Dehydro-Testosterone. The reason for that is yet to be determined, but experts believe that it goes far back to the embryonic period. The skin layer that covers the resistant areas is a part of the layer developed on the posterior part of the fetus body, whereas the layer that covers the sensitive ones comes from the front. Due to the existence of Dehydro-Testosterone resistant areas hair transplant procedures are possible, and we will discuss those later on

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