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Hair Loss Treatments

There are two medically proven approaches for treating hair loss:

1. Lowering Dehydro-Testosterone levels: As explained earlier, hair loss and the balding process are a direct result of the presence of Dehydro-Testosterone in the scalp. Reducing Dehydro-Testosterone levels in the body, and in the scalp in particular, inhibits its devastating effect on the hair follicles.

2. Stimulating hair follicles in a way that extends their growth phase and shortens the resting one.

The second approach does not deal with the "root" of the problem, Dehydro-Testosterone. Therefore the first approach should be considered more important, but it is possible, and even recommended to apply both at the same time. The sooner a treatment based on any of the approaches begins, the easier it is to maintain the present condition. For men in early hair loss stages, lowering Dehydro-Testosterone levels should suffice, as their follicles are still in good shape. For those in more advanced hair loss stages, it is recommended to add stimulators.

There is another approach that has been gaining recognition of late: Blocking the hormonal receptor sites. In theory, this third approach is better than the first as it should achieve the same goal without changing hormonal levels. In practice, it is still early to base treatment solely on that approach, since it still lacks reliable research data. The available data does indicate certain efficiency, but at the moment it should only be considered as an addition to a regimen.

Products based on these approaches, come in the form of drugs, cosmetic appliances and food supplements. We will discuss the most popular and important ones in the coming sections.

It is also highly recommended to use an anti-inflammatory shampoo, a point we will also address later on.

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