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Hair Loss Myths

If you ask the average person for suggestions on how to treat or prevent hair loss, it is likely he would offer you plenty of advice. It is even more likely that while those pieces of advice may sound reasonable and make sense, most of them would be wrong. Gathered in this part are a few popular hair loss myths that have deeply inculcated in the minds of far too many people, including an explanation as to why they are true or false (mostly).

• wearing a hat or a baseball cap can cause hair loss. FALSE.

The apparent logic behind this myth is that while wearing a hat, the hair follicles can't breath. The hair follicles nourish from blood vessels, and get all the supply of vitamins and minerals they need to create hair from the blood stream.

• Combing your hair weakens the hair follicles. FALSE.

Try pulling a few hair shafts from your head and see how tightly they are attached to the scalp. Combing of the hair generates a force many times lesser than that, and therefore can not cause any damage to the follicles. Hair that is left on the comb comes from hair follicles that are in their resting phase, and was bound to fall out anyhow. Excessive combing can cause damage to the hair shafts and to the scalp, but not to the follicles and therefore can not contribute to hair loss.

• Washing you hair on a daily basis increases hair loss. FALSE.

Shampoos clean the external part of the scalp and have no effect on the hair follicles that are located in deeper skin layers.

• Excessive sweating of the scalp causes hair loss. FALSE.

If such claim was true most athletes would be bald, even ones in their teen years.

• A short hair cut helps to strengthen hair follicles. FALSE.

The apparent logic behind this myth is that the longer the hair is, the more tension is applied on the hair follicle. While longer hair may cause a little more tension, it is not enough to cause hair loss or contribute to it. There is a condition called "tension alopecia", which is mentioned later on in this page.

• Genetic baldness predisposition is passed on from one side of the family (Mother's side or father's, depends on the version you hear...) FALSE.

This genetic predisposition can come from either or both sides.

• Blow drying your hair causes hair loss. FALSE.

Blow drying from close range using high temperature, can damage hair shafts and possibly even scorch the scalp, but will not damage the hair follicles and will not cause hair loss.

• A protein rich shampoo can be helpful in preventing hair loss. FALSE.

Since hair shafts are made of protein, these shampoos can be helpful in filling small cracks in damaged hair shafts. The hair may look better as a result, but the hair follicles will not benefit from the use of these shampoos in any way and will not prevent hair loss.

• Wearing a ponytail can cause hair loss. TRUE.

Any Hair style that involves constant tension on the hair can contribute to hair loss, as this tension weakens the hair follicles. Such condition is called "tension alopecia".

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